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This sport is unique because it requires little to no training apparatus or equipment. Calisthenics is accessible anywhere and everywhere, imagination is the only limitation. There are many advantages to bodyweight training.

Advantages and Misconceptions

It is beneficial in all ways physically. Whereas heavy weight lifting may have an impact on your joints, impacting the growth of children and teens, calisthenics has no dangers of the sort. In fact, the stretching out of the skeleton during exercises such as pull ups can improve your posture and often help prevent or cure back problems.

  • Calisthenics is absolutely free, requiring no equipment. The only limitation is the imagination. Tree branches, the floor, curbes, benches can all be used for this sport.
  • Bodyweight exercises have been shown to benefit not just the young, but the elderly also.
  • Improves overall stamina, strength, energy, agility, coordination, balance, and promotes overall fitness for your health.
  • Can improve mental health just as it does psycho-motor skills like balance and coordination. Can help treat mental problems such as stress, anxiety, depression, etc. and can boost your self-esteem.
  • Calisthenics is available for everyone with any type of genetics. It is a common misconception to think that people with thicker bones aren’t suited for this sport. That is not true.
  • It is often believed that Calisthenics is not a sport for muscle gain, however, altering the exercise by putting one’s self at a leverage disadvantage is sometimes much harder and causes more strain than doing a max in weightlifting. Ex. planche, front lever, etc.
  • Compared to weightlifting – bodyweight exercises have minimal injuries.
  • Natural looking body, because during Calisthenics almost all bodyparts get worked out with every exercise, whereas most weightlifting programs focus on muscle isolation.
  • Performing various calisthenic exercises with short rests between bouts speeds up your heart rate which equates the workout with cardio training – thus making it good for heart health.
  • It’s FREE!


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